Study in Denmark: Scholarship for International Students

International students who desire to study in Denmark through an institutional agreement, as guest students, or as a member of an international dual degree or joint degree are eligible for scholarships under national and European programs. For the following programs, there are some limitations and requirements:

Study in Denmark
Study in Denmark

Danish Government Scholarship 2023-24 for International Students

This is one of the opportunities provided by the Danish government for international students to study in Denmark. Applications are accepted in Denmark for the Danish Government Scholarship 2023–24. To be considered for the Danish Government Scholarship 2023–24, all international students from non–EU nations must meet the eligibility requirements. In addition, with the assistance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the government of Denmark is awarding scholarships for Master’s degrees.

The University of Southern Denmark offers these scholarships two times a year. The first one is for September Intake and the Second for February Intake. These fully funded scholarships will cover all living expenses until the completion of the Master’s degree, including the entire cost of tuition. The most outstanding students from all across the world will receive Danish Government Scholarships. In addition, this scholarship presents the opportunity for an international student to study in Denmark.


Southern Denmark is the location of the University of Southern Denmark, which was founded in 1998. At this university, there are over 29,675 students. The deadline for the scholarship is the 1st of February, 2023. For more information as regards this scholarship, applicants are advised to visit the scholarship website.


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The Nordplus Scholarship scheme is another opportunity international students can explore to study in Denmark. The Nordplus program is an interchange and scholarship program run by the Nordic Council of Ministers for students at Nordic universities and other institutions who want to complete some of their studies in an institution of higher education in another Nordic nation., i.e., Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. The purpose of Nordplus scholarships is to supplement travel costs and pay for additional costs associated with an international trip. The allotted sum is roughly DKK 7,000 per semester for one academic year.

For more information, applicants who intend to study in Denmark through the Nordplus scholarship should visit the website.

Study in Denmark
Study in Denmark

Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus scholarship allows international students to study in Denmark and the EU in partnership with the selected Danish university. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are Master’s, high-level, and integrated study programs. They are created and delivered by an international collaboration of higher learning institutions (HEI). They involve at least three higher education institutions from three different nations, at least two of which must be EU member states and third countries affiliated with the program.

The European Union (EU) seeks to promote the quality and internationalization of the member institutions by financing these jointly recognized Master’s degrees. Additionally, there are scholarships available for students to participate in these esteemed programs, which the masters themselves award to the top-scoring applicants globally; scholarships compensate for a student’s enrollment in the program, travel expenses, and a living allowance.

Students at the Master’s level may apply from anywhere in the world. Before starting the Master’s program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree (first degree) or be in their final year of undergraduate study and graduate.

If a student can show they have the learning capacity of a bachelor, they can also apply. However, following national laws and customs in the nation conferring the degree, this must be recognized formally.

A Danish institution and another European university or college do collaborate to offer the courses. For further information on scholarships and the application process, students and scholars must get in touch with the specific Erasmus Mundus Master courses. Interested students are to visit the website for information on the Erasmus scholarship.  




Fulbright scholarship

In order to attract overseas students who, want to study in Denmark, the Fulbright Commission promotes cultural understanding through its esteemed scholarship program for educational exchange.

Applicants can apply for a Fulbright scholarship for an entire academic year of study or research in Denmark if they are international scholars or postgraduate students intending to enroll in a master’s or Ph.D. program.

Visit the website for further details on the selection criteria and the application process for a Fulbright scholarship.


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Danish State Educational Support (SU)

The Danish State Educational Support (SU) is often only given to Danish residents. However, if the applicant is an international student, the applicant can seek equal stature concerning receiving public funding for her studies. In addition, a student can be granted equal status following Danish legislation or EU law. For more information on this scholarship, prospective students should visit the website.

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