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Uk Universities Without Ielts

The Uk universities without IELTS are universities in the united kingdom that allows students or individuals from other countries of the world whom are supposed to be take IELTS exams before being allow to enter into the united kingdom for study or even work. The IELTS exams are used to test the knowledge of the immigrant on English speaking and writing. Or general communication skills in English.

Exams are unavoidable battles in our academic life. The one most International students are familiar with is the Language assessment test- IELTS.


When applying for school in the United Kingdom IELTS can be one of many alternatives in analyzing English language requirements for your desired university.

Now let’s come to the point of studying in a United Kingdom university without IELTS. Is it possible to study in a UK university without an IELTS? The answer is a capital YES. It is very possible to study in a UK university without IELTS.


But before you can study in a UK university without an IELTS there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill.


However, you also need to know and understand what IELTS means.


The International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) is a standardized language appraisal used by universities around the globe to evaluate and assess the language skills of potential international students who desire to study abroad.


This test consists of four different sections which are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking


After completing three hours of the above-mentioned test, the student will receive an overall score on all their basic English language skills.


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Exams such as this are used in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom to check your language skills.

Though this isn’t always the case, you can also study in the UK without the IELTS exam.

How Can You Study In The Uk University Without IELTS?


below are some of the things you need to know for your eligibility to study in the Uk without an IELTS:


  1. When English is the primary medium of communication in your school:


Attending an English medium school or university, which is more advantageous as proof of your English proficiency.


A lot of universities accept this depending on your English medium school scores.


By applying to such universities you can get admission and study in the UK without IELTS.


  1. When your X and XII English marks are considered by your university to assess your language skills:


More universities in the UK consider class XII English subject marks to evaluate your language knowledge.


Nonetheless, you must ensure you have at least 70% in the final exams to be considered by primary universities in the UK.


  1. When your desired university allows you to take another pre-sessional English course:


You can apply for pre-sessional courses if you are not skilled enough in the English language.


Most universities in the UK recommend pre-sessional courses without IELTS to help international students get used to the new educational system.


You can attain the required language skills with the needed classroom skills in these courses. You will also have the privilege of steady growth in a foreign education system.


If you are not certain about your English language proficiency this alternative is the best chance for you.


  1. When you take another English language assessment:


There are other alternatives if you don’t want to take the IELTS test which is the TOEFL, Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English (ISE), PTE Academic, Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), and the Duolingo English test.


Note, IELTS is the most popular and widely accepted English assessment test in the UK


  1. When interviews to assess your language skills is being conducted by your university:


One of the procedures in gaining admission in UK universities is online interviews for most Universities in the Uk.


You can study in Uk universities without Conducting an IELTS test but you must be interviewed online to ascertain your English language skills.


Summarized Eligibility Requirement


In all the above mentioned this is a summary of what has been listed and explained on how to gain admission in Uk universities without IELTS:


  • Evidence that English is the medium of instruction in your school


  • An undergraduate degree in English


  • Confirmation of over 70% in English in your high school/class XI and class XII.


  • Taking an online interview that will be conducted by your desired university


  • Apply for a pre-sessional English Course required by the university before starting your program in the UK


Important Of Studying In The Uk Without IELTS


  1. The UK is a highly developed country


  1. The UK is home to world-renowned universities


  1. The UK has free National health services


  1. The UK degrees are well recognized all over the world


  1. The UK has multi-ethnic Culture


  1. The UK is rich in culture and diversity


  1. The UK has the stable economy to start a career


  1. The UK has excellent scholarship programs for international students

Key Requirements For Uk Study VISA Without IELTS


  • Candidates can also be present for secure English language tests ( SELT) mandated by UK visas and Immigration( UKVI) to prove if they are English proficient


  • A document affirmed by your university with the statement that you can apply for a UK study visa without IELTS scores


  • Acknowledgment letter from a university in the UK


List Of Uk University Without IELTS


In all the universities in Uk, more universities offered admission to international students without IELTS.


These universities are stated below:


  1. The University of Essex
  2. Swansea University
  3. The University of Greenwich
  4. University of Bolton
  5. University of Geneva
  6. University of Plymouth
  7. University of Northampton
  8. University of Central Lancashire
  9. Robert Gordon University
  10. London south bank university
  11. Riga Technical University
  12. University of Warwick
  13. University of Bristol
  14. Birmingham City University
  15. University of Basel
  16. Sheffield Hallam University
  17. Aston University
  18. Bangor University
  19. Brunei University
  20. Audencia Nantes School of management


List Of Scholarships In The Uk


Looking for UK scholarships that are fully funded to study in the University for Bachelor Degrees, you have found the right place. I have put together a comprehensive list of UK scholarships to study in the United Kingdom.

With a good number of the universities fully funded while others are partial fees or tuition fee scholarship


However, there are basic things and requirements you need to know before applying for the Uk scholarship


Requirements for Uk Scholarships To Study In A University In United Kingdom


Before you apply for a UK scholarship, you must have passed and completed high school


A lot of qualifications are acceptable from different high schools around the world for a UK scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. Such as A-level, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate.


Nevertheless, some universities in the United Kingdom do not give UK scholarships with the above requirements to students of some countries around the world. In this case, students need to complete an international foundation course first.


Top Five Fully Funded Universities For Uk Scholarship In The United Kingdom


A Lot of universities and organizations offer opportunities for international students to have UK scholarships to study in the United Kingdom


There are a lot of universities that give scholarships in the United Kingdom but I will be selecting the best five fully funded Uk scholarship universities with how to go about getting it.


Here you have the list below:


  1. Kingston University undergraduate scholarship in Uk for international students:


Kingston University offers awards to international students with a total sum of £200,000 every year and also £4,000 every year for scholarships per year of study.


The duration of this UK scholarship is 3years but this can be given to every year if the institution is satisfied with your academic performance every year.


  1. Undergraduate scholarship in the UK for international students at the University of Kent:


This university has a long tradition of welcoming and offering scholarships to international students for studies.


Scholarships are awarded to international students based on the information provided on your UCAS form with the clear reasoning and courage exhibited in the submitted essay.


The scholarship is worth £5,000 per year with duration for the period of study


  1. Newcastle University international foundation scholarships:


Newcastle University offers foundational scholarships for international students to study for post-high school education that will lead students to get full-time scholarships for undergraduate studies.


100 percent fully paid scholarship with a duration of every year.


  1. University of Sussex undergraduate scholarships for international students:


University of Sussex scholarship offers scholarships to merited international students who have performed excellently well in their academics before joining the university.


Students will be given £3000 in the first year of their 3 or 4 years of study.


You received the cast award in your first year and which will be awarded as a separate payment of £1,500.


  1. Bank of England undergraduate scholarship for African students:


This university offers full-paid scholarships to black or mixed African or Caribbean backgrounds that will be starting their degree courses at the next academy session.


They give up to £30,000 for your fee and support the cost of living during your undergraduate degree, Paid summer internship, and also give you mentorship, coaching, and support from a member of your team.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, others have not been listed above. For example:



  • Newcastle University vice-chancellor excellence scholarship
  • Coventry academy performance scholarship at Coventry university
  • University of College London access opportunity scholarship
  • Leeds University business school scholarships
  • Swansea university international scholarships for undergraduate studies
  • University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation scholarships
  • University of Cambridge undergraduate and graduate scholarships for international students
  • The Denys Holland scholarships for financially challenged students
  • Reach Oxford scholarships for undergraduate students from developing countries.




Average international students, especially in Africa, dream of studying in a  UK university without an IELTS test and also a UK scholarship.


However with all that has been explained above, when you follow the instructions and requirements on how to apply above, be rest assured that you will soon be in the UK studying.

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