Did you know you can still charge your phone even without electricity, see how

When there is no electricity, onions can be used to charge your phone. Continue reading to find out how.


When the lights go out, we often run out of ideas because we don’t have a way to charge our phones. The good news is that you don’t have to be bothered when there is no electricity in your home. In a easy way, we can charge our phone devices by putting onions on them.

Here is how you can charge your cell phone by applying onion slices in it.

It’s what you really need.

Onion bulb

A USB wire

A drink that is good for you.

A jug is shown.

A screwdriver or anyother tool for cutting the onion.

It’s the first step.

Open two holes on each side of the onion.



Fill a bowl with the energy drink to a level that is greater than the height of the onion.

The third step.

An onion should be included to the bowl of energy drink so that it can absorb some of the liquid.


In this step, carefully peel the onion away from your phone and input your USB cable into the onion’s holes, just the same way you do with your charging adapter.

The fifth step.


In the end, connect the cable to your phone and allow it charge while it does so.

That Which Makes It Happen

Electrolytic charges can be moved around by a dielectric layer that the energy drink soak up through the onion. This makes the onion’s magnetic charges transferable.

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