3 Most Common Mistakes We Make While Charging Our Phone Device, Hereby Damaging The Battery

1.Making use of your phone while charging it:


A lot of persons have the bad habit of playing video games while their phone is charging, which is not a good one because heat is the battery’s worst enemy. The processor generates a lot of heat when the phone is put through a lot of work, whether it’s gaming, utilizing the camera, or any other intensive program. When that heat is combined with the heat generated by the battery charging process, it can add up to a lot of heat, which can harm the battery’s health and results to a shorter battery life.


While trying to charge your phone, you should avoid frequently draining the battery. This puts too much tension on the battery, which is now attempting to do two things at the same time.

If you are being contacted, you can remove the phone (along with the charger) and then re-plug it when the call is over.


2.You don’t unplug your charger.

A charger takes power all the time, even if the device is not connected in. As a result, your electric bills will go up. Furthermore, if the air in the room is moist enough, the transformer discharge heat that can build up over time and cause something nearby to catch fire, or it can short-circuit the transformer, causing a fire.

3.Make sure the battery is charged fully. Another careless charging error is to completely use up the battery before charging it again. The Lion battery performs best when the charge level is between 30% and 80%. The high voltage of the electric current will overpower the battery if you charge it to 100 percent, causing it to overheat and reduces its lifespan.


Recharges on the go:

Before plugging it in, let the battery down to around 50%. Recharging the battery often and unnecessarily shortens its life. On the other hand, avoid completely exhausting the battery.

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