China says U.S addresses it’s systems to initiate cyberattacks on Russia, Ukraine

China has experienced constant cyberattacks since February in which internet addresses in the United States have been used to seize control of Chinese computers to target Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, state news agency Xinhua stated on Friday.


It cited the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China (CNCERT/CC), a cybersecurity technical centre that leads efforts to stop and detect cybersecurity threats to the country.


“Monitoring by the CNCERT/CC found that since late February, China’s internet has continuously faced cyberattacks from abroad. These overseas groups attacked by taking control of computers in the country to carry out cyber attacks on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus,” it quoted the centre as saying.

“After analysis, most the addresses for these attacks came from the United States,” it said, adding that a few came from other nations such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Cyberattacks have been a great point of pressure between the United States and its associates and China, as the former have accused China of a carrying out a world cyberespionage campaign.

China stated that it does not take part in cyberattacks and has called such allegations “malicious smears”.

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