Apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation 2022 $5,000 Grant for Entrepreneurs

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship programme 2022 for African entrepreneurs application is presently ongoing. The 2022 TEEP is functional to all African entrepreneurs

TEEP (Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship programme) is a pan-African entrepreneurial enterprise of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, which is a multiple-year exercise, allotment, and mentorship program formulated to empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs.
It is the brainchild of Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian investor and philanthropist, who is steadied to provide $100 million to develop 10,000 African entrepreneurs in the next 10 years. The objective is to develop 1,000,000 jobs and produce annual incomes of US $10 billion for the African economy over this period.
The 2022 TEEP will be hosted in Nigeria, Africa. The Program is attainable for young entrepreneurs from all over Africa.
TEEP 2022 gives to successful partakers a cash privilege of $5000, access to mentors and a 12-week corporate exercise procedure pointed at the desires of African entrepreneurs and a Forum Program.
The program this year is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses as well as young African entrepreneurs.
TEEP is targeting over 2400 SMEs with a specific priority on female entrepreneurs in 2022. The organization wants to deal with prominent challenges confronting the Africa and raise millions out of poverty while establishing sustainable livelihood globally.


The TEF Programme is not for an educational level or qualification. The Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship programme is formulated to boost young entrepreneurs around Africa to begin or fund their businesses, thereby developing thousands of job opportunities in Africa.
If Applicants are given a spot in the Program, Applicants will be anticipated to:
– finish a self-declaration form
– provide evidence of valid ID
– provide a personal bank statement over the past 6 months
– provide a statement of recent personal debts.- provide a citation from an employer, bank and/or academic corporations- provide business bank account details (For UBA present countries, it should be a UBA account)

Recruiter Tips

Posture yourself as somebody who gives out a stipend. What precisely does this Tony Elumelu Foundation want to accomplish?
Examine all the information about the petition and guess what they really want from you.
Before you start composing your application, survey the vocabularies used by the foundation frequently and utilize it.
Review the organization’s website.
Review the nomination of alumni and identify the notions of people who have formerly gained.
Take a peek at how they conveyed their notions and reproduce the exact.
Review how they say their tales and develop your own tales.
Tony Elumelu is out for ideas with sociable effect. Ensure that you convey this at every phase of the application.
I lately got informed by a friend Tutor that many of the notions are being appointed based on their emotional stability. You have to convey the right impression to the referees for you to be appointed
There is a language of champions. Survey the victorious champions and see how they convey their notions in writing.
In the spokesperson of the Tony Elumelu Foundation CEO, there is no intention that he cannot defeat. It all banks on your Communication.

Application Procedures

All petitions must be delivered ONLINE by the APPLICATION PORTAL. You must finish an application form by replying a sequence of required questions and uploading extra documents and identification elements. After submission, you will obtain a verification email of receipt within 1 working day.

Extra Information

How can I boost my possibilities?

Make sure that you evaluate the nomination standards in the program process and be clear to interpret your business proposal or intention in a way that every part of the business or intention (i.e. definition, demand, consumer gain, financials etc.) is totally covered.

What could render my application unsuccessful?

Since beginning we have gotten over 65,000 petitions for the restricted slots on the program. While we can only receive 1000 entrepreneurs each year, here are a few feasible explanations why your petition was not successful:-You did not finish the application-Your enterprise or intention is more than 3 years old-Your business or idea is not founded in Africa-Your explanations in one or more categories of the application was not vividly described-Your application did not fulfill other eligibility standards -You scored low in one or further of the nomination criteria.

Application Deadline:

The Petition for the 2022 TEF Entrepreneurship Program kicks off on January 1st, 2022 to 31st March 2022. You can search for updates on the application link

Additional Information

If not selected, can I reapply in another programme cycle?

Yes, we will unlock the outlet for petitions on January 1 every year. Every applicant will be expected to put in a new application. We speculate the elapsed period should assist to stimulate your interest in your entrepreneurial intentions and there might be recent advancements to incorporate in the application.

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