Russia will totally detach from the global internet as of 11 March 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Russia will totally disconnect from the global internet as of March 11.


This is what Russia actually mean they will throw out Western propaganda from other countries and only have Russia content, news app.Also likely they might consider having content of their associates only.

Very exciting news to the Russian people avoiding the globalization.

Globalization doesn’t favor the average citizen but instead make us slave of big tech bio company covid-19 was just a preview.

Look at China. World highlights GDP but they need the world to market their commodities and content. Interacting within themselves and associates only won’t help situation but the world need to interact to do business. said Mbuso

Countries need each other even Oranjia citizens do come out to visit other people outside of their sheathe.

Will Russia afford it is they are not permitted to interconnect with other regions or countries? Their associates are allegedly not that much.

Globalization was traded as the only wast to growth. Will Russia manage? We hope they do so that even Africa can learn to be self sufficient, not to 95% on the West for survival. We have dependable to much on FDI. Said Sthembiso

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