Samsung, NTT East To Bolster Private 5G Network Business In Japan

Korean vendor Samsung Electronics declared it has been selected by Japanese operator NTT East, to cooperatively expand the private 5G network business in Japan, the former stated in a release.

Samsung and NTT East will start providing commercial private 5Gw network services to enterprise customers starting in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung stated that this declaration follows a series of tests completed in 2021 to verify Samsung’s private 5G network solutions on NTT East’s network, indicating the capacities required to create an optimized private 5G network that meets specific enterprise needs.

The companies have lastly triumphantly completed a 5G Standalone (SA) technological verification, attaining increased uplink throughput by optimizing uplink and downlink allocation ratio in NTT East Research Facility. Samsung stated that this upgraded uplink performance will be a key helper for advanced services that need high data transmission, such as live video monitoring, connected drones and automated vehicles.

For the technological verification, Samsung provided its end-to-end 5G solutions, including its outdoor radio units, baseband unit and 5G SA Core. The Korean company also make use of used HPE’s software to guarantee security in the network.

This verification was managed using NTT East’s 4.8-4.9GHz spectrum, which is a frequency band assigned for the Local 5G networks inventive in Japan, a government program that allows enterprises to deploy private 5G networks using the country’s assigned frequency band, independent of traditional mobile networks.

“We are excited to advance in accelerating our private 5G network expansion in Japan,” said Senior Vice President & Executive Officer at NTT East, Riaki Hoshino. “In continuing our collaboration with Samsung, we look to deliver the most innovative 5G services and transformative experiences possible for our enterprise customers, tailored to their specific needs.”

“Private 5G networks, powered by Samsung’s comprehensive portfolio of 5G solutions, will create a new wave of opportunities for enterprises, driven by improved productivity and superior connectivity,” said EVP, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, Woojune Kim. “We’re proud to support NTT East in the expansion of Local 5G, which will impact a range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing and transportation.

NTT East providing telecommunications services in the east area of Japan. The telco is one of the divisions of Japanese telecom group NTT.

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