Electronic Tattoo: Bill Gates Forecast Technology That Would Replace Smartphone

Software magnate, investor and philanthropist Bill Gates has become a kind of expert of the new realities that humanity is living and now the co-founder of Microsoft has forecasted a new type of technology that, among other things, would replace smartphones.


It is not the first time that Gates tries to make prophecies, as he showed when he spoke about a new pandemic that will attack humanity, now the author and lecturer has spoken of an electronic tattoo.

Among the data that this tattoo will store, there is originally talk of medical and sports information, with which it will be possible to avert and control diseases, as well as upgrade physical and sports performance by means of important signs.


How will the electronic tattoo be deposited on people?

Although this electronic tattoo is still in the evolution phase, it is known that it will be applied momentarily on the skin, with small sensors and trackers that send and receive information through a special ink that conducts electricity.

Gates wants electronic tattoos to replace smartphones. Nevertheless, the initial application of electronic tattoos is not enough for Bill Gates, who wants this innovative device to become the replacement for today’s smartphones.

Gates’ idea, which has now been seen in some Hollywood movies, is that people can use the electronic tattoo built by Chaotic Moon to call, send messages or look up an address.

Although it is not yet possible to speak of an estimated time for the electronic tattoo to be available, Gates and his team are looking for a way to use it to become the new device with which people carry out many of the things they do through smartphones.

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