Anonymous brings down Russian gas supply as cyber onslaught continues

The hacker group Anonymous has kept up its cyber attack on Russia due to the country’s decision to attack Ukraine.


As well as bringing down vital state-controlled news companies, Anonymous has also taken credit for disrupting a gas supply in the country.


In a tweet displayed early yesterday morning, the group stated it had pounced on a company called Tvingo Telecom, forcing it to close down the gas.

Tvingo Telecom also runs a fibre optic networking and internet clients in Russia. It is owned by Rostelecom, a state-owned Russian telecoms business.


In taken responsbility for the action, Anonymous retweeted a video showing a system administrator trying to restore the damaged gas supply.

Safeguards would mostly be in place to stop serious issues from advancing, but it would cause a huge problem for the company.

The slowly group gained momentum, and in 2008, they announced a series of protests, pranks, and hacks aiming the Church of Scientology – known as Project Chanology.

Over time, Anonymous has advanced, taking on larger targets such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Sony, as well as government agencies of the United States, Israel, Tunisia, Uganda – and now Russia.

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