How To Save Money For A Vacation

It is recognised world over that one of the best ways of creating beautiful memories-memories that lasts is to go on vacations. There is this rejuvenation that only comes from a vacation. The memories you make will last for a lifetime and the high that a vacation gives is the only one that doesn’t lead to depression afterwards.

There are myths about vacations which are completely false . One is the belief that you have to travel to afar place to feel completely rested or to enjoy yourself. This is not true. You must not leave your country or a part of the country . You can have fun without travelling to a faraway land. And this myth is what has made many shelve their plans to travel. The understanding is that one needs thousands of dollars to be able to travel , an amount far beyond what many can afford.

Another myth is that vacation is only for the rich. Obviously this is a lie. It’s not only those with money who need rest, rejuvenation, unwinding , etc., every human body need the beautiful distraction of a well planned vacation. The pressure cooker life which we are all involved in calls for frequent relaxation and rest otherwise the body may breakdown thus everyone will benefit from the healing power of a vacation and because you don’t need to break the bank to do so then it is for everyone.

How To Save To Travel

So now that we have established that travelling is a good thing let us talk about to raise money to make it work. This is very important because we may not have the best life without the relaxation and rest that travel affords. This article is about how to save money for a vacation because many people need a vacation right now but the can’t afford one.

Open a simple savings account

 I recommend you set up an automatic savings plan with an online bank. There are many fine ch companies  which provide very easy way to save. Many have the automatic feature which makes the deductions at the set intervals, even before you have has access to wages. Why this is better is that you are made to save something towards your vacation before you spend anything.

Cut Down On Entertainment 

Some of the things that consume a good part of our income are; food, entertainment , power etc. entertainment is  one of the ones you can take off without much serious consequences. By entertainment I’m also referring to money spent on internet, TV subscription, club fees and cinema tickets. cutting this off the monthly budget is good way of creating cash for your vacation.

Sell stuff

The experience of a vacation can come once in a lifetime . This means that there is  hardly any sacrifice that is too great to be made for this experience. It has been well established that travelling gives more satisfaction in the long run than owning stuff so if you have some good stuff you can sell and raise money to travel then you should do it fast. Its more like converting stuff to memories and memories don’t suffer from depreciation like stuffs do.


In how to save money for a vacation I have explained why you need a vacation and why it is worth saving for.





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