7 Reasons Road Travel is Better During Vacations

Vacations are potential avenues for bonding, life changing experiences and adventures.  Road travel unlike other mode of transportation is a perfect means of achieving these and more. Here are 7 reasons road travel is better during vacations.

You can afford to pack more luggage 

Depending on the duration of the vacation one may need items such as clothing, toiletries, medication, document and other essentials. Some of these may constitute extra luggage when boarding an air plane. This is one reason road travel is better during vacations as one can afford to pack all these in the trunk or even the back seat!


Driving is cheaper than plane tickets and for most people this is the primary reason road travel is better during vacations. You should however not forget to check in with your mechanic to avoid an unscheduled stop with potential disheartening expenses. 

Flexibility with trip date 

Here is another unique reason road travel is better during vacations, you decide when you leave and return home. With road travel you don’t have to worry about missing your flight or rushing to catch up with one or paying extra to move up the date of a booked flight.

You get to make fun and unforgettable memories 

Road travel provide the perfect opportunity for bonding and adventure and for lovers of  nature road travel is better during vacation as you get to come up close to and capture breath taking scenery These memories will be adored for years to come.

The excitement of crossing land borders

There is a unique excitement that come with physically crossing the border rather than waking up and finding you are in another country already without knowing exactly when you changed destination. For some, this is their favorite reason road travel is better during vacations.

You no longer have to worry about carrying your pet

A pet is considered essentially a part of the family and many feel sad having to leave their pet behind on a vacation. With road trip, you make all the rules therefore there is a provision for the pet just as everyone else and you don’t have to worry about paying extra or about weight limit. For pet owners with special bond with their pet, this is a compelling reason road travel is better during vacations.

Destination check list

Here is another important reason road travel is better during vacation, you can take detours to destinations on your check list and have a nice and memorable time. Only road travel affords you this opportunity because here you are in charge therefore making the journey flexible.


Road travel may be a slow way to travel and may cause a wear and tear on the car or other disadvantages. However, this article- 7 reasons road travel is better during vacations- have been able to show some of the unique reasons to go by road on your next vacation.


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