Travelling can be exhilarating and thrilling. There is this pump of adrenaline  for most people  when they are preparing to travel, especially travelling  for fun. In this article we will be discussing 5 powerful reasons why people travel.    This will provide others with the motivation to get up and leave if they have been dragging their feet or considering  their planned vacation a waste of money.

There are many people who see travelling as a waste of money and need dome persuading  why they have to spend so much to have a good time when they could have invested it elsewhere. Such people see frequent yearly travels as a preserve  of the rich and cannot see the great role that plays in determining  their quality  of life.

So why do people travel? What are the 5 powerful reasons  why people  travel? Why should  you travel? Let’s dive right in.

  1. To challenge  yourself 

Yes you heard  right . To challenge  yourself . To serve the need of stirring your slumbering self. You may have been stuck in a 9-5 job for half a decade now, pursing  the green back, making ends meet then you woke up one morning and notice your  life slipping  away. You are forgetting how to live so you want to knock  yourself  back awake. You need to go to new environment and rediscover  yourself-you need to travel. To get your heart beating again . To return the glint of excitement to your  eyes, you need to pack your bags and travel.

2. Learning 

What can be more powerful as a reason  for travelling. It is said that the world is like a book and those who haven’t travelled have only read one page. You may want o read more. To discover what lies beyond . To interact with other people , culture, religion. You need to be with them to really know  them. Books and TV shows cannot never replace the powerful  learning provided  by being in the moment , feeling the air and perceiving  the scents, running  your hand the texture of a new culture  and soaking in the tiny details that no book or camera  can capture.

3. Reconnecting  with yourself 

In unfamiliar environments we become more interesting  subjects of study even to ourselves . In new surroundings we understand ourselves in ways that’s not possible at home. So travelling  can help you discover yourself. To spend more time really being  with yourself and not with a job or checking  to-do lists. You have the chance to find who you authentically are, in strip. This for very introspective people is one of the best of the 5 powerful  reasons  why people travel.

4. To appreciate life.

Nothing prepares  one for the wonder and magic that a new environment hits one with . No matter what you have heard about the immensely amazing desert sands you will still be awed when you see it. No matter what stories  you have heard about the African safari, you will still be blown away by the wildness of the  animals and this still hold true even if you spend all day watching National geographic channel . There is nothing like being in the moment, it touches you where nothing else can. It leaves with you an immense appreciation of life and this has a sobering effect. It weans you from the mindset of the rat race-at least for a while.

5. It widens your perspective 

This is one of the best of the 5 powerful  reason why people  travel. People lifestyles are controlled by their perspectives and those who haven’t travelled widely see things narrowly . There are things  you will never understand until you have been there, seen that and done that… travelling broadens  your outlook on life because  you have seen more, you understand more. Travelling as they say is a form of education and those who haven’t done much of it have missed some very important classes.


The 5 powerful reasons  why people travel sound intuitive but until you have traveled you may not understand how rich your life becomes and how much of a better person you become in the process.


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