How To Travel On A Budget

How to travel on a budget is one question a lot of people  have agonised over many times. There are thousands of people who would have loved to travel  to beautiful places and create experiences of a lifetime but they worry  that they don’t have enough money. If you belong  to this group , this article is for you.

We will discuss this topic in broad  categories; 

  1. How to make money while on vacation.
  2. How to spend as little money as possible .

 Far too many people believe that to be be able to travel you need to have so much money. This is a lie. Even if all you have is money for your flight tickets or a train ride you can still make your dream of travelling a reality . Let me tell you about how you can make some money while having a great time.

Below is a list of jobs you can do while on vacation to earn money.

  1. Bar tender

This job is always  available in areas teeming  with tourists. Having a good command of English is an added advantage. Its something  you only do within a few hours of the day- when the day’s sightseeing is over and people  are relaxing in bars. The pay can cover for for, bed and entrance  tickets.

2.  Hostel worker

Many people who cannot  afford the expensive hotels in tourist  areas often stay in hostels to cut costs. You can use this option and also work in the hostel. The available jobs are easy to accomplish  and do. To require  high level of expertise . What’s more, they can be accomplished in a few wee hours before  you are ready for the day. The job may include; housekeeping, laundry, window cleaning, kitchen assistant. Etc.

3. Au pair

This is a beautiful  arrangement  for those travellers who are  on a budget. It is an arrangement were you stay with a family  for free and even earn a little stipend in exchange  for helping  them with housekeeping, babysitting, cooking and other household  activities. This is a good option  for the young  and free. The stipend paid by the host family  can be high enough to pay for some expenses and fund a decent existence.

4. Cruise Ship worker

Just incase you are travelling in an ocean liner, which a beautiful way to tour the world, by the way, you can ask for a job onboard . There is no shortage of jobs for a ship catering  for tourists. You can serve in the kitchen, teach, interpret, train, serve as waiter etc there is indeed a plethora of things to do while the journey lets and  that means you can make enough to have great vacation. The pay can be good as the supply of Labou is limited, especially if you have a special skill.

How to open less while on vacation. 

We can’t discuss  how to travel on a budget without talking about how to cut costs because  if you don’t spend much you won’t need much. The common understanding is that all vacations are expensive but this is not really  true. To be sure, all vacations can be expensive but that depends on how you plan. Today our aim is to cut cost so anyone can travel. As lockdown get lifted people  need to stretch  their wings and soar again.

So now  how to cut cost while travel on a budget. I will list some great cost cutting  devices  below;

  1. Use the sharing  economy.                                                                                     The world hates waste. There are not enough  resources  to go round is if we don’t use them conservatively so all are to use all they have conservatively. That’s where the sharing  economy comes in. Many people are now willing  to share their homes, cars, drinks, food just about  anything that can be shared. The logic is simple; why do you own a house with 5 bedrooms and sleep in only one when you can make money sharing  the other room; helping others and making money al at once.

While on vacation  you can share rides, drinks, rooms, tickets, food etc. this will enable  you to pay half of less of the original cost and keep you expenditure down-this is how to travel on a budget . With the sharing  economy you don’t need to pay the full price for everything . In tourist areas there are always a lot of people willing  to share.

2. Take advantage of deals

There are countless websites advertising deals on tickets, rooms, flight and vacation packages. You need to look ad keep  looking  for deals that will cut cost for you. Take advantage of discounts offered to students and young people.

3. Use your skills to earn too.                                                                                    There are opportunities advertised on websites like Craigslist, gumtree. Here you can exchange  your professional skills for some free cash which is how to travel on a budget.


The tourism industry is projected to grow. The world is moving around  more than ever before , money  shouldn’t  stop you. This article has been on how to travel on a budget  and hope you have learnt enough  to stand up and move.



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