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canada is the second largest country in the world. Planning a two week trip to visit this amazing country with diverse culture and languages can be a challenging task. In this article we are going to look at ways we can plan such a a two weeks trip to Canada and to cover this vast country within the time frame we have.

What you need to visit Canada 

 In order to plan an effective trip to this beautiful country, you must ensure you have the necessary things to allow you enter the country. For people from Nigeria and other nationals you will need to get a tourist visa in order to explore the country. Canada speaks two languages officially; French and English.



The currency used in this country is the Canadian Dollar, which has the $ sign. Debit and credit cards are accepted anywhere in the country.

Cost of visiting Canada 

The average cost of 14 days trip to Canada is around $2,158 for one traveler, $3,266 for a couple and $4,162 for a family of four. Canada’s hotels ranges from $64 to $345 per night with an average of $97, while most rentals charge $180 to $ 590 per night for an entire home. The average worldwide cost for a flight to Canada costs between $670 and $909 per person for economy flights and around $1,890 to $2,637 for first class. In order to move around we suggest an average of $50 to $100 per person. 

Where to start 

If you are looking to explore both the culture and the scenery, you should start with either Toronto or Montreal. Both cities have big connection domestically and internationally. You can arrive by flight if you are coming in from any other nations or by train or bus from anywhere in USA.


Best time to visit Canada 

You can make this trip anytime of the year, each season has its charm. You must also keep in mind, winter in Canada is really harsh as the temperature is extremely low at this time of the year. It would be best if you planing a two weeks trip to Canada during the summer and Autumn that is between May and October. 

Site to visit 

Because of the vast land mass of this nation, you can’t possibly see every area of this country with short amount of time. But not to worry, we are going to give you some itinerary you have to definitely see. You should  be able to visit all the interesting  sites when planning two weeks your two weeks trip to Canada.



Toronto is the first on our list because it has an average of 2.8 million inhabitants and is the business center of the country. It is also the most multicultural cities in the world, it’s a true reflection of the nation been an immigrant welcoming place. You can visit the CN tower which is the icon of the city, the Ago museum, the Kensington market, the casa Loma which is a Toronto Castle and it was built in the 1911 by Sir Henry Pellatt, a local financier.

Niagara falls 

It is arguably the most visited place in the country. Though the main draw for this place is the Horseshoe fall and American falls it also has other activities to entertain you such as a boat tour to the falls. at sunset you can see the illumination shows of the waterfalls.


This city is a mix between charming European city and a modern North American city. It not only offers great food hubs, breathtaking views and festivals all year round, it also has other activities to offer both during the winter and summer seasons.



The nation has a lot of places you can explore and learn different cultures and see beautiful places, It would be wise to bring your cameras and always bring back souvenirs before flying back to your country. It is possible to plan to soak in the culture and spirit  when planning a two weeks trip to Canada.


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