How to plan a two week trip to Rwanda

Are you a lover of nature, travel, culture and history? Then Rwanda is the destination of choice.

A country endowed with rich scenery of mountains, diverse wild life, rich culture and a well preserved history that will do a better job than the movie Hotel Rwanda or Sometimes in April.

This article is aimed at walking you through how to plan a trip to Rwanda breaking the bank account and at the same time make this trip the two most interesting weeks of your life!

How much to get to Rwanda

This should be among your first enquiries and rightly so as not to fail at drawing out an appropriate financial budget plan for the trip.

Travelling by airline is cost effective, safer and less stressful. It will cost you about $210-$340 and takes about 5 hours 30 minutes compared to the 4 days by road, that is if you are travelling from Lagos, Nigeria.

More or less from any other parts of the world.

How difficult is it to get a visa

You will be relieved to know that Rwanda is one of the East African countries you can travel to without a visa.

Visa can be obtained on arrival for $30 , for those countries that require visa and the only document required of you is your international passport!

This will allow you skip a time consuming and usually stressful step in preparing for international travels.

Are there any health vaccines I should be aware of?

Due to the current pandemic, vaccine requirement is no longer limited to yellow fever rather its mandatory to present a negative PCR test result taken 72 hours before departure.

You will be required to take another test on arrival and will be quarantined for 24hours in a transit hotel at your own cost, so be prepared.

That’s not all though, passengers are also required to fill out a passenger locator information form so you could be tracked down if you come down with covid symptoms.

Once this is out of the way, then you are good to go!

Rwandan franc

There are services you can only pay for in Rwandan franc. The current exchange rate is at $0.00100 to one Rwandan franc.

This will be your legal tender for the two week stay in Rwanda.

Most services are relatively cheap. Depending on your taste and what you can afford, hotel accommodation are as low as $60 per night.

This is important to note if you want to plan a two weeks trip to Rwanda

If you are from places where you don’t have any reservation about boarding a motorbike then you are in luck. Motorbikes are available in Rwanda and are the cheapest means of moving around within the country for as low as $5.

Rwandan food

If you are a lover of food then you’ve come to the right destination, the food here is amazing and surprisingly cheap. You will be skeptical at first, the food looks too colourful to be safe but after giving it a try it will be love at first bite!

You definitely will have to eat loc l if you are planning a two week trip to Rwanda.

There are no dull moments on this trip so prepared to have the best time of your life exploring the rich culture, the breath taking scenery, wildlife and of course my favourite part-the well preserved but rather bitter history of the country at the various museums such as the Kigali genocide memorial amongst other places.

You will come to realise as I did that planning this trip to Rwanda is worth whatever challenge or stress one may have to endure or overcome.


How to plan a two weeks trip to Rwanda was an article written to show how easy it is for just about anyone to travel and enjoy the warm hospitality of the land of a thousand hills.

The captivating scenery of Rwanda is something everyone should have the privilege of experiencing once in a lifetime.

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